Samos is the closest of all the Greek islands toTurkey, from which it is separated by the 3km-wide Mykale Straits. Visits into its interior are rewarded with unspoilt villages and mountain vistas. The island’s capital is the large and bustlingSamosTown(Vathy). Perched on the hillside surrounding the bay, 19th century red-tiled houses cascade down the hillside from charming Ano Vathy.

The resort town ofPythagoriois a convenient base from which to visit the ancient sites ofSamos, such as the 1034m long Evpalinos Tunnel (524 BC). There is also a fascinating museum of paleontology. There are numerous secluded beaches to explore around the island.




Ikaria is a rugged mountainous island, abundant with cypress trees, pine forests, olive and fruit trees. Its therapeutic radioactive springs are believed to be the most effective inEurope. Therma is the famous from the 60s spa village but you may also want to swim in the Lefkada spring, which forms a pool of hot water in the sea. Agios Kirykos, the capital, is a pleasant, relaxed little town with several kafenia along a tree-shaded waterfront. The folklore and the new archeological museums are a must to visit. Sailing along the southeast coast to theCapeofDrakano, you will discover a number of exquisite, secluded coves and beaches.

If you are lucky you may join the famous ikarian traditional fiestas where people of any age taken over by a Dionysian frenzy of dancing!




Fourni is a complex of islands located between Ikaria andSamosislands. It has a small port hosting ferries and excursion vessels. The capital and the port share the island’s name and extend around the narrow bay. This insular complex comprises twenty small islands, Fournous, Thymena (that occupies the western part of the complex) and many surrounding rocky islets that add magic to an already unique landscape.

Fourni complex is scattered across countless bays, coves and fjords with blue waters, creating a magic world, ideal anchorage for ships and yachts. It is no surprise that this complex was chosen in ancient times by pirates to be their anchor point. The islands’ perimeter reaches 120 km and shows us that these small islands have a beauty of their own, with impressive beaches, numerous small or big coves, picturesque bays and fjords, offering anchorage to local boats or visitors and countless caves across their coastline that captivate visitors at first sight.