To get a feeling of a day on the sea, picture the following

Waking up in a harbour of a traditional Greek village with the unique for its simplicity and beauty cycladic architecture. 

Having your breakfast on the boat or in a cafe of your choice by the sea.

Considering the weather and your next destination you may take a sail for a bay where you will enjoy for a few hours, swimming in crystal clear water, sunbathing or chilling out on the boat or by the shore.

Prepare a light meal in our well organized kitchen like a fresh salad or a pasta and enjoy a glass of the mythical Ikarian wine or the “pramnios inos” as called since homer’s time 870bc.

With the help of our skipper and the fishing equipment on “Koulaki” you may even catch and cook fresh fish. 

After an absolutely satisfying morning the next amazing island is waiting for you to explore.

The sailing its self   is exciting and sometimes demanding and intense sport so it’s up to you of how much you like to be involved.

You will experience the finest freedom feeling when the wind is right, the engine is of and the boat moves only with the power of its sails!

Arriving in the afternoon in the next harbour you will have plenty of time for sightseeing, shopping in the market and try to discover any local delicacies,

have your dinner in a traditional taverna or on the boat, or even head for a walk and discover the night life of the area.

Staying on the boat for a drink with your friends socializing with other crews of neighbouring boats is also a tempting and fun option!

A good night sleep is the next best thing you will whish after a long & full day!!   

Have in mind though that once on the sea schedules may sift any time.

After all sailing is an adventure!